Upon the release of the Forrester research report indicating that B2B e-commerce sales will account for more than $1 trillion by 2019, every entrepreneur is eying the field. Each day webpreneurs are moving to the B2C niche and joining the new bandwagon. Even though it is a field with huge potentials, it is crucial to understand the realities of the field.

First, it would help if you were aware of the complexities of B2B systems and transactions. Also, this sector has rigid processes which you must run to guarantee yourself a success. Apart from this, myths and false beliefs exist in this arena. If you do not take time to understand and disregard them, your chances of failing are high. Here are three B2B e-commerce myths you need to avoid:

B2B customers do not buy online

Since you are dealing with other business and organizations, you do not need to go online. The retail customers are the ones shopping on the virtual channel. Businesses like physical transactions as it enhances their data security. Are you of this belief? Well, you’re mistaken. In this era, B2B sales are happening online. The enhancement of technology is simplifying bulky transactions and saving time.

Also, online shopping is no longer a preference of B2C customers. It is now a business norm.  Hence, if you want to succeed, you need to offer your B2B customers an online purchasing option. Continued ignorance of this aspect will lead to failure.

You must display your prices to receive more customers

One fear of B2B entrepreneurs is the aspect of disclosing prices. Many digital marketing experts urge sellers to employ pricing transparency to enhance the securing of sales. Due to fear of competition, many entrepreneurs in this sector prefer remaining of line. The practice allows them to negotiate with each customer and agree on a price. However, securing customers is not about the prices. How you communicate to your customers determine their next course of action. Hence, you can fail to disclose your prices and still be a success in the B2B e-commerce field by prioritizing your customers.

It is hard to build a customer relationship

For many B2B ventures, customer relations are everything. Many of them thrive depending on their connectivity with their customers. Unlike in the B2C, your competitiveness depends on the relationship you build which is hard in this sector. If you believe so, you are wrong. With the availability of online chats and social media, harnessing your relationship with customers is easy. Hence, you can maintain a strong customer relationship as a B2B webpreneur.